Ok here goes, I hate this part, but the safety and well being of our beloved rabbits is of utmost importance.
*This sales policy only applies to rabbits bought directly from us, it does not apply to to rabbits bred by us, but owned by another breeder for any amount of time. Rabbits won in a raffle are "as is", but advice is ALWAYS given freely.
, We will transport to any show we are attending.
*We accept cash, , or money orders only.
*If you are interested in a rabbit please email us, we will be glad to hold it for you.
*We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
*If buyer backs out of sale, deposit is not returned, if for any reason we back out, buyer will receive full refund.
*Should at anytime we feel the sale of a rabbit is not in the best interest of the animal we reserve the right to back out of the sale,
in this case all monies paid will be returned.
*NO rabbit will leave our rabbitry younger than 8 weeks of age, NO exceptions!
*Unless prior arrangements have been made, rabbit must be picked up within 1 week.
*Rabbit must be paid for in full before or at the time of pick-up.
*If rabbit is not picked up and we have not heard from buyer, rabbit will be put back on our for sale page. (we will make every effort to work with you to get your rabbit to you, but you must stay in contact)
* I encourage any parent buying a rabbit for their child, to have their child join 4-H to learn how to care for their new bunny.
*I also can’t stress enough that parents are ultimately responsible to ensure that the rabbit is properly being cared for.
*All our rabbits have a health guarantee. We guarantee the rabbit will be in good health and free of visible disease or injury at the time the buyer assumes ownership. Once the rabbit leaves our hands this contract ends due to circumstances beyond our control.
*Buyers are encouraged to have the rabbit examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt of the rabbit at their own expense. Under NO circumstance will we be responsible for any medical cost.
*If, as a result of the examination, by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours, the Veterinarian determines that the rabbit is not in good health, then the buyer shall elect to keep the rabbit or return the rabbit to us and request a refund. This does not include cuts, bites, broken legs, etc.. that would happen after they leave here. Documentation of the rabbits visit and results to accompany the rabbit. This is the ONLY time a cash refund could potentially be issued.
*Our rabbitry policy only allows us to take back rabbits that have been vet checked within the above 48 hours and found not to be in good health.  Absolutely No returns or refunds once the rabbit leaves our place due to circumstances beyond our control. You are responsible for returning the rabbit to me unless other arrangements have been made.
*Buyers are encouraged to look over the rabbit(s) thoroughly at the time of pickup to make sure they are as stated by seller as showable, or non-showable pet quality, showing no signs of sickness, or apparent injury. We take all measures to make sure they are as stated. We are not responsible  for rabbits once they leave our place due to circumstances beyond our control. Such as heat stroke, animal attack, etc.
*Should you realize there is a problem with your rabbit you should contact us immediately so we may discuss the best course of action. (This does not pertain to a major medical emergency. In the event of a major medical emergency contact your vet and then us ASAP.) Again under NO circumstance will we be responsible for any medical cost.
*All our rabbits are pedigreed. If the rabbit is sold as showable, you will be given a pedigree for it. ‘Pet quality’ rabbits will not be sold with a pedigree. Pet quality rabbits could have traits that make them not of good breeding quality and should not be reproduced. Breeding stock may or may not be showable, but no visible inherited bad qualities shown. In most cases, breeding stock will be provided with pedigrees. Please ask to make sure.
*If at anytime you can no longer care for the rabbit, or you no longer need it for your rabbitry, we ask that you contact us first. We don’t want to find any of our rabbits at a pet store or an animal shelter!
*We do not sell our rabbits to pet stores, or to anyone we know that will be breeding to sell to pet stores. Also, we do not breed or sell rabbits for Easter (or Christmas), as most of these animals end up at shelters after the kids loose interest. If you want to place one on hold until after the holiday, we are more than happy to do so.
*We reserve the right to change this policy as the need arises.
 Note: Some of this may sound excessive it is for our protection, your protection as a buyer, and the rabbits protection. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE ANIMALS WELL BEING IS ALWAYS FIRST IN OUR MINDS. Should you need clarification on part of our policy please ask we will not be offended in the least.

Phew!! Now that that is over, let's talk bunnies!!!
You can contact us at anytime, for anything regarding a rabbit you purchased from us, or somehow acquired one of ours. Or if you just need to chat about bunnies in general we are always willing to help. If we don't have the answer, we will ask around. =

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